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Jasmine confirming she is no longer dating Shaun


Dear jasminator,
This is the LAST time I will ever address this. So be sure to read my words carefully.
When I started my first tumblr, I was blogging both Jasmine AND Jazzlyns style. I found lots of Jazzlyns that no one else was posting, so obviously I know how to find things on my own. But also, no one else was posting Jazzlyns style like people were Jasmine’s. I spent time finding Jazzlyns style and usually when I started to look for Jasmines, someone else had already posted it. I was trying to REPOST things, not to take credit, but to make sure as many people saw it as possible, and also because my blog was a Jasmine Style blog, I wanted it on there.
Never did I intentionally steal anyone’s post. If you read my first Instagram posts, I told them to check out my tumblr for more information, where they would clearly see that I REBLOGGED it from another blog. I admit, I didn’t know how to give credit properly, but it was never my intention to “steal” anything.
When I learned the other blogs felt I wasn’t crediting them, I gave them more credit on the things I didn’t find directly on each post I reposted from their blogs, including their tumblr accounts.
When Jasmine contacted me, I had been posting MY OWN finds for a while. And I still do. I got where I am for putting time in. A lot of time. And you can ask anyone who’s spent time with me, because they’ve seen me find plenty of my posts. Just because I post something after someone else has doesn’t mean it’s stolen.
And saying jasmine doesn’t want to fire me to look bad. Well, just so you know, I’ve talked directly to Jasmine about the matter. And even if I didnt, do you think she’d be scared to fire me? Jasmine is the realest person I know and only wants the best for her jasminators. If that wasn’t me, I wouldn’t be working on her website.
I’m not angry about you guys expressing your opinions. I honestly couldn’t care who thinks I’m a theif. I know what happened and I know how much time I invest in my account. Just wanted to clear things up.

- Caitlyn

Anonymous asked: Hey I was scrolling thru ur blog nd saw the post on justin liking jasmines video. Which video was it?

This one x.

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